Fırat Line Bus Washing Systems

FIRAT LINE Bus Washing Systems are designed for businesses with large vehicle fleets that need to wash many vehicles in a short time. It is a fixed facility and vehicles are washed with the vehicle passing through it at a constant speed. It can be produced in many different types, varying according to brush groups and washing heights. Horizontal brushes, side brushes, 45 degree angled top corner brushes, pressure washing belt, emolient belt, chassis washing and drying can be optionally added to these models.

General features

Fırat Line Standard Equipment

  • Our FIRATLINE model machine, like all our other models, is made of corrosion-resistant materials (stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, etc.) with advanced technology and the construction is hot-dip galvanized and phosphate coated, then coated with electrostatic powder paint and baked.
  • PLC is computer controlled.
  • Brushes, reducers, pneumatic and electronic materials are supplied from first class brands.
  • There is a numerator showing the number of vehicles washed.
  • There is a system to prevent tipping from the wind.
  • PE (Polyethylene) brushes that can fully grip bus surfaces
  • The life of the gearboxes is increased with the soft start system, which allows the machine and brushes to move and stop smoothly.
  • The upper brush is controlled by power control relays and electronic brush pressure control.
  • 4 upright brushes and a chemical belt are standard equipment.

Fırat Line Optional Equipment

  • Front washing belt
  • Underframe washing unit
  • Horizontal brush unit
  • Skirt brush unit
  • Robowash high pressure (80-100bar) wheel rim washing unit
  • Medium high pressure durumala unit
  • Polishing unit to aid drying
  • Drying (surface water sweeping) unit
  • DBF ECO AQUA-SOFT Fully automatic flow controlled softening system
  • DBF ECO AQUA-TREAT Waste water treatment and recovery system