Okyanus Brush Car Wash

Okyanus, Our brush car washing machines model has 3 brushes, 2 vertical and 1 horizontal, and it is one of the most preferred models in our wide market that we serve because it is very easy to use and maintain, very low operating consumption and affordable costs. Especially thanks to its modular structure, our optional accessories can be easily mounted according to customer demand.
In our machine designed according to the “Swing System”, the brush pressure on the vehicle surface is controlled, safe and soft with electronic and electromagnetic safety systems on the side and top brushes. With “Soft Start”, soft start and soft stop of the brush motors are provided. Speed and load control is secured with the bridge movement independent “Inverter System”.

It can wash and dry the vehicles being washed by applying both shampoo (W-WD models) and polish (WD model).
Our brush car wash equipment is made of first class brands and all parts eliminate the risk of possible electric shock.
The Okyanus X1 model is PLC computer controlled and offers different washing programs as well as perfectly washing all kinds of vehicles of different sizes (passenger cars, jeeps, vans, high minibuses 50NC, magirus, etc.).

The 3-brush OKYANUS X1 brush car wash is the most preferred model because it is easy to use and has very low maintenance and operating costs.
225-250 cm with brush car wash safety features. width and 240-350 cm. It perfectly washes all types of vehicles up to a height (passenger cars, jeeps, vans, high vans, new type magirus, 50 NC and similar vehicles).

OKYANUS X1 brush car washers are designed according to the “Swing System” (W 350 model trolley with Swing System). Safe on the vehicle surface with electronic and electromechanical safety systems on the side and top brushes. soft and controlled brush pressure and soft start and stop of the brush motors with the “Soft Start” equipment. The bridge movement is secured by independent “Inverter System” with speed and load control.
Since our OKYANUS X1 model machine has a modular structure like our other models, it is possible to easily mount our optional accessories on the machine without taking up extra space.



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General features

Brushed Car Washing Machine Standard Equipment

  • Our OKYANUS model machine, like all our other models, is made of corrosion resistant materials (stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, etc.) with advanced technology and the construction is hot dip galvanized and phosphate coated, then coated with electrostatic powder paint and baked.
  • PLC is computer controlled and it is possible to perform the desired washing process to the vehicles with different washing programs.
  • Brushes, reducers, pneumatic and electronic materials are supplied from first class brands.
  • There is a numerator showing the number of vehicles washed.
  • They are equipped with low-voltage electrical equipment.
  • It washes and dries vehicles by applying both shampoo (W – WD models) and polish (WD model).
  • There is a system to prevent tipping from the wind.
  • Cable and hose connection pole is standard.
  • Since all cables and hoses are in the air, it is safe against possible electric shocks on the ground.
  • The side brushes are designed according to the swing system, the easiest and cheapest to maintain, and provide excellent washing in front and behind, as well as on the sides of the vehicle.
  • The inverter system for soft stop and start on the WD models can reduce the drying speed for efficient drying.
  • The life of the gearboxes is increased with the soft start system, which allows the machine and brushes to move and stop smoothly.
  • Trolley upright brush group-Power relays (Power Control Relays) Controlled upright brush system provides very sensitive washing on different types of vehicle surfaces (W 350 Model)
  • If desired, a program can be applied to freeze the brush back at the upper antenna level.
  • The upper brush is controlled by electronic brush pressure control with power control relays.