Eko Aqua Treat

The Eco-Aqua treatment package includes treatment and recovery units; hydrocyclone, separator, filter and dewatering basket. In addition, activated carbon filter, sand filter, water softener unit can also be added to the system. If desired, a chemical treatment unit can also be installed. Chemical treatment is the treatment processes applied to ensure the precipitation of substances dissolved or suspended in water by changing their physical state. In the chemical treatment process, chemical substances (coagulant, polyelectrolyte, etc.) are added to the wastewater at the appropriate pH value and the substances to be precipitated are precipitated and separated from the water as sludge. The chemical treatment process removes parameters such as suspended solids, COD, BOD, heavy metals and phosphorus.
The package treatment unit is installed above ground. Wastewater from automatic car washes contains a lot of sludge and oily substances. After going through pre-sedimentation and oil separation underground, it still has impurities in it. As the heavy particles in the water pass through the hydrocyclone, they are separated from the wastewater by the centrifugal force and fall.
Our package treatment system is designed according to the theory of Gravity & Coalesing. With this theory, oil and solid particles are separated from the wastewater. During the passage of wastewater from the lamellar separator through the pre-treatment, heavy particles and floating matter are separated. During the entire treatment process, %75-%of the wastewater is treated and made ready for reuse. The remaining 30% is filled with mains water.
Purified water is added to the last section with a water level control valve. The purified water from the last section is pumped by centrifugal pump up to 50 microns through the washable filter and up to 10 microns (can also be reduced to 5 microns) through the bag filter. Clean water is then pumped into the purified water tank where the automatic car wash water is collected. All this system is controlled by plc automation panel.