Hydrowash Fırçasız Araç Yıkama Makinesi

Hydrowash Brushless Car Wash Machine Brushless Car Wash Machine – is a multi-featured but safe and easy to use model that can perform only high pressure washing without brushes behind the chemical application with various programs and drying following the profile if desired.
HYDROWASH brushless car wash is one of our most preferred models because it is easy to use, low maintenance and operating costs, and safe for customers who are afraid of scrubbing. The bodies are hot-dip galvanized and phosphate coated, then coated with electrostatic powder paint and baked. All fasteners used are made of stainless materials. There is a “Numerator” showing the number of vehicles washed in the machines. PLC is computer controlled and it is possible to perform the desired washing process to the vehicles with different washing programs. It provides effective cleaning with its automatic profile-following upper pressure washing unit and the use of softening acid and emolient detergent. In the machines, the inverter system ensures smooth stopping and starting of the executive motors. The non-contact vehicle washing speed (Washing Time) of the machine can be adjusted by the Inverter (speed control system) on the control panel on the machine. The same walking speed adjustment applies to the drying system, which is optional equipment. The machine is 380V – 50 Hz.

The entire control system of the machine is controlled by low voltage (24 V). The electrical and electronic equipment of the machine is Siemens (German) + Telemechanique (French) or equivalent brand.
HYDROWASH DR 240 type brushless car wash machine washes all vehicles (passenger cars, vans, jeeps, minibuses) up to 2.40m high and 2.20m wide by applying shampoo.
The following optional accessories can be added to the HYDROWASH DR 240 touchless car wash.

Genel Özellikler

Hydrowash Opsiyonel Aksesuarlar

  • Robowash Rotary Type Pressure Side Washer
  • Cable and Hose connection pole
  • Water shields
  • Chemical Dosing Pumps
  • 100 Bar Reciprocating High Pressure Water Pump
  • Emergency stop button
  • Wheel direction pipes
  • Foam Belt
  • Polish Belt
  • Decorative Top Galvanized Galvanized Cladding (front)
  • Numerator
  • Bridge drive motor with inverter control (speed regulator)
  • Profile-following top pressure wash
  • Movable drying unit